Year One

Between the Testaments is a book that explores the period of time between the Old and New Testament. It covers events such as Alexander’s conquest, Hellenization, Roman rule in Palestine, Jewish life under foreign domination, and more. The authors provide an overview of this important era from both biblical and historical perspectives…read more

Bible Doctrine is a comprehensive overview of Christian theology, written by theologian Wayne Grudem. It covers topics such as the nature of God, salvation and redemption, justification and sanctification, the Trinity, creation and providence, angels and demons, spiritual gifts and more. The book provides an in-depth look at each topic from both historical perspectives as well as contemporary ones….read more

Foundations of Faith Studies in Learning is an educational resource that provides a comprehensive overview of the major world religions. It covers topics such as religious history, beliefs and practices, sacred texts, rituals and ceremonies, ethics and morality, social justice issues, interfaith dialogue and more. The book also includes activities to help students apply their knowledge to real-world situations. With its engaging writing style and thoughtful analysis of faith traditions from around the globe, this book offers readers a unique opportunity to explore religion through an academic lens… more

Bible Theology I is an introductory course to the study of the Bible. It provides a comprehensive overview of biblical history, literature, and theology from both Old and New Testaments. Students will gain insight into how different authors wrote about God’s plan for humanity in their own contexts. They will also learn how to interpret scripture within its historical context as well as explore various approaches to hermeneutics (the science of interpretation). This class is designed to equip students with essential knowledge that can be applied when studying any book or passage in the Bible……read more

Bible Theology II is an introductory course designed for students who are interested in learning more about the Bible and its teachings. This course covers topics such as Old Testament history, New Testament theology, biblical interpretation, and Christian ethics. Students will gain a better understanding of how the Bible has shaped our world today by exploring key themes from both testaments. Through lectures, readings, discussions, and assignments students will be able to develop their own interpretations of scripture while also gaining insight into different perspectives on faith and belief systems… more

Life Management God’s Way is a book written by Pastor John Smith. It offers readers an in-depth look at how to live life according to the teachings of Jesus Christ. The book covers topics such as prayer, faith, relationships and finances from a biblical perspective. It also provides practical advice on how to apply these principles in everyday life. With its easy-to-read style and clear explanations, this book will help you gain insight into living your best life with God at the center…read more

New Testament Survey is a course designed to provide an overview of the books and themes found in the New Testament. Students will learn about the historical context, authorship, structure, major themes, and key verses from each book. The course also covers topics such as Jesus’ life and ministry, Paul’s letters, early Christian history and theology. By taking this class students will gain a better understanding of how these texts have shaped Christianity throughout its long history…read more

Old Testament Men and Women of Faith Ley is a course that explores the lives of men and women from the Bible who exemplify faith. Students will learn about their stories, struggles, successes, and how they can be applied to our own lives today. The course covers topics such as Abraham’s journey to Canaan; Moses’ leadership in Egypt; Ruth’s loyalty to Naomi; Esther’s courage before King Xerxes; David’s rise to power over Israel; Elijah’s confrontation with Ahab & Jezebel; Daniel’s faithfulness in Babylonian captivity and more! Through this course students will gain an understanding of what it means to live by faith in God no matter what circumstances we may face…read more

Old Testament Survey I is an introductory course that provides a comprehensive overview of the books and themes found in the Hebrew Bible. The course covers topics such as authorship, historical context, literary genres, major characters and events, theological messages, and more. Students will gain insight into how these ancient texts have shaped our modern world view by exploring their relevance to contemporary issues. Through lectures, discussions, readings from primary sources, and other activities students will develop an understanding of the Old Testament’s impact on history and culture…read more

Old Testament Survey II is a course that provides an overview of the books and themes found in the Hebrew Bible. The course covers topics such as covenant, kingship, prophecy, wisdom literature, apocalyptic literature and more. Students will gain an understanding of how these various elements interact with each other to form a cohesive narrative throughout the Old Testament. Through lectures, readings and discussions students will explore key texts from both primary sources (the Bible) and secondary sources (commentaries). By the end of this course students should have a better grasp on how to interpret biblical passages within their historical context…read more

Praise Life is a course designed to help individuals find their purpose and passion in life. Through guided meditations, journaling exercises, and group discussions, participants will learn how to identify what brings them joy and fulfillment. The course also covers topics such as goal setting, self-care practices, stress management techniques, and more. Participants will leave the program with an action plan for living a meaningful life that aligns with their values and goals…read more

Prayer I is a course designed to provide an overview of the different types and necessity of prayer. It will explore how prayer can be used in various contexts, from personal devotional time with God to corporate worship services. The course will also discuss the importance of praying for others, as well as developing one’s own spiritual disciplines through prayer. Students who take this class should come away with a better understanding of why we pray and what it means to have meaningful conversations with God…read more